Choosing Recommended CSS Editors for Mac

This article talks about ways to choose recommended CSS Editors for Mac User. Identifying top CSS editors for Mac will also be discussed.

CSS editors are basically software applications that enable drafting of stylesheet to create a web page. Every designer has a specific preference in choosing Style Sheet application.

Example of a CSS code for padding:


p.padding {padding-top:2cm;}

p.padding2 {padding-top:50%;}


However, considering the type of your desktop’s Operating System (OS) is a must. Why? It is because some of CSS editors can be used to one OS while some cannot. Mac, for example is an OS which caters only to specific and compatible CSS editors. Luckily for Mac users, there are many options to choose from. Let us go over with the most popular editing application for Mac users.

What Makes Mac Different?

One thing that you should consider in choosing software application is its compatibility to any Operating System. When it comes to any type of OS, there is no such thing as ‚special’. Every type of OS has its own standard and specificity with different programs and that what makes them unique. If you try to get a picture of its uniqueness then you can deduce that every OS has certain characteristics that highlight their company name. Therefore, in choosing a CSS editor, OS type should be considered.

Here are some CSS editors with its brief features recommended for Mac users:


Coda is the new kid in the industry but certainly the best software for professional web designers. What makes Coda shine is everything it does. A very sophisticated and ingeniously made application for CSS. It has pleasant code-highlighting similar to Mac-favorite text editor TextMate and a complete built-in CSS editor. An amazing FTP which has the ability to save your sites in a very pleasing way. Lastly, it has a reference guidebook for quick lookups of HTML, Javascript, XHTML. It is the epitome and the future of web development.

CSS Edit

The biggest thing of CSS edit is its powerhouse feature-rich CSS editing.Their editing window is the best, featuring a left sidebar complete with selectors, easy to use click-buttons-to-edit on the right side, and a middle panel of the “code” view. The application also includes Live Preview and X-ray Inspector for debugging and writing your CSS.


XyloScope is not just an ordinary CSS editing tool for MAC, it is a complete editing browser with modern sophisticated touch of its features. Xyloscope allows simultaneous editing and surfing. This attribute makes it easier to preview any design alterations directly in the browser. Another feature of Xylescope is its ability to filter out all the CSS rules. This helps in deducing the code to minimum, so you get a compact code with no repetitive values.

Choosing the Right Editor

There are things that you need to take note of when choosing the right CSS Editor. If you want to have valuable editing experience, then you know how to choose not for the best but for the right one. Here are some points to remember:

  • Consider your capability as a web designer. Try to evaluate yourself on how much skill you have in crafting one. This is helpful especially if you consider yourself a beginner. You don’t want to choose a sophisticated editor because you’ll be wasting your time figuring out the complex techniques you don’t understand.
  • Assess the features you believe are essential, other web technology languages you write, and language your editor must support.
  • Before downloading a CSS editor, check its system requirements to see its compatibility. If this is not done, it may cause unwanted troubles when running the program.