Top 5 CSS Editors for Windows

In this article we will identify to you the different CSS editor software used for Windows. Also this will give you brief description about each software mentioned.

Back in the times of mark up HTML, web designers experienced the horror of encoding each and every single page from scratch. Thus, in this desperate time Cascading Style Sheet came to be the superhero to the lost web designer. However, it seems that happily-ever-after was not met between CSS and web designers until CSS Editor came to light. CSS editors are software that solely produce Cascading Style Sheets. CSS editor helps editors to craft better and encode faster.

Example of a CSS code for adding a border:





border:1px solid red;

outline:green dotted thick;




This software specializes in organizing a much systematic order of cascading web pages. Let us now identify the top 5 CSS editors that are compatible for Windows users.

Stylizer Real-Time CSS Editor

Stylizer is an absolutely unique real-time CSS editor. It has a visual preview that provides an immediately viewable result of your code. Stylizer boasts its 4 notable features: Bullseye feature, which you can associate specific part of the site’s elements and edit with points and clicks; A Code Grid feature that makes your editing experience easier as you can simultaneously view changes right then and there; A Size Grip feature which allows you to adjust the position of the elements; and lastly its Two-click Coloring feature that provides you with a color-picker which allows you to choose from a variety of colors.

TopStyle CSS Editor

TopStyle Editor supports XHTML, HTML, and CSS editing in various revisions. One benefit of TopStyle is that it has a strong compatibility to browsers and powerful standard checking features which are virtually useful for cross-platform designers. Notable feature of TopStyle are as follows: First is their Style Inspector which serves you a panel list of CSS property. This feature is said to be much convenient than any other editors because when you choose several properties, the code will automatically encode for you to prevent repetitive coding.

Rapid CSS

RapidCSS is ideal for encoding stylesheet for it is easy, lightweight for beginners and convenient. This editor features syntax highlighting and built-in CSS references for effortless writing of code. If you are a person who is obsessed with neatness and organization then Rapid CSS is the right editor for you. This editor helps you to rearrange CSS stylesheet by types and properties.

EngInSite CSS Editor

EnginSite CSS Editor is a fine CSS editor with “instant” preview. This editor is ideal for beginners who focus on simple designs. With the help of its built-in inspector, you can add more selectors in your stylesheet. You can also convert the colors to any legal color values (such as Hexadecimal or RGB). The overall impact of this editor is good except for the fact that its quite outdated in some browser styles.

StyleSheet Maker

StyleSheet Maker allows you to create full-featured style sheets, giving you full control over several CSS properties. StyleSheet Maker is yet another standard CSS editor intended for beginners that provides clean-cut coding with a panel list of CSS tools. Though StyleSheet Maker is not as sophisticated as other editors however, its simplicity makes it user-friendly. It is intended for users who don’t want to complicate things and do everything with comfort.