Web Essentials – What Is CSS?

In this article we’re going to introduce a very conventional coding language for web page designing, the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This article summarizes the features of CSS including its relationship with HTML documents.

In a modern system of annotating documents, HTML is said to be the foundation of any markup language in the history of web pages. Its elements are the atom of all websites. However, as technology is quickly moving, demands from web developers are also increasing. This is why to meet the demands of advancement, developers try to propose a much more complex scope of web page design and one of the product of these evolution is the CSS application.

Premiere To CSS

In the web language CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, it is an innovative application that caters efficient creation of website page. This application supports HTML, XHTML or XML ready documents such as plain XML, SVG and XUL. If you plan to start constructing an eye-catching website without compromising quality output then CSS is the right language for you. CSS provides a consistent method in style information for web documents.

Relationship Of HTML With CSS

There is a saying that one cannot live without the other. This principle most appropriately describes the association of HTML with CSS. Technically speaking HTML is the core and the most basic mark-up language to craft a website. It provides standard keywords of formatting which includes paragraphs, and sentences. Since it is only the basic element it does not really create eye-catching web pages. On the other hand, CSS has a more sophisticated character. It decorates and edits elements like color, font, texture and many more. It is mainly responsible for presentation and design. To put it in a simple description HTML is the structure while CSS is the style. As a rule of thumb you can use CSS file from HTML file but you cannot use vice versa because of its complexity.

Distinctive Features

The features of CSS can be derived from its original word „cascading” meaning CSS can handle multiple style sheets merged by a browser to provide a computed style for each element. One conventional feature of CSS is that it allows you to update your entire design by just updating one file rather than opening up each individual which is a total waste of time. In CSS you can do everything from a single document. It saves a lot of effort. Aside from these, since it is regarded as the best web page formatting language ever produced, refined and up to date standards are being featured including numerous styles with many classified options that you can choose from.